Solid Waste Management (SWM) is one of the most critical problems and a big challenge we face today. The list of reasons, for these present state of affairs of Solid Waste, is very long but non-assignment of priority, rapid un-planned urbanization and un-controlled population growth rate are un-doubtly the root cause for present crisis like situation where we see garbage dumps all over in the cities, towns, villages, highways, roads, streets and almost everywhere.

It is an established fact that nations of the world in general and developing countries in particular are passing through a process of rapid urbanization – and Pakistan or Sindh is not an exception.  Chaotic expansion of cities and towns is a global problem and huge number of people is gravitating towards cities and towns at remarkable speed, and 20th Century has witnessed the most spectacular transformation of the human habitat in history. The trend continues un-abated even today in 21st Century. This phenomenon coupled with high population growth rate of Pakistan and Sindh has further compounded the SWM problem.

Although government as well as local councils are struggling hard to deal with the all time crisis like demand of civic services by the citizens but are failing to satisfy the requirement and provide basic facilities especially Solid Waste disposal services to their ever-increasing population, from their already over-stretched resources.

On the other hand, while planning new housing schemes, commercial plazas or industrial estates, the planners are mostly focusing on provision of electricity, gas, water and drainage with no arrangement for Solid Waste disposal. In fact we have eluded from our responsibility towards Solid Waste with the result that today the gap between garbage generation and our capacity to dispose of it has widened to a level where we need to take extra ordinary actions on war footing basis and launch a crusade to develop a Solid Waste Management System which is sustainable, feasible, economically viable, compliant with international standards, environment friendly and acceptable to all stake holder in general and people at large in particular.

I am confident that newly created SINDH SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT BOARD shall work on war footing basis and devise strategies as well as plan and implement schemes with holistic approach, which we can proudly present to all as ROLE MODELS.